9. Short Course 2017

Information about the Short Course can be found in this Flyer

Feedback from the Participants:


  • well-organized; very interesting and enriching theoretical and applicable for companies
  • Bit too theoretical. Link to practical use could be given more attention
  • well structured; interesting talks
  • a session on coating of more complex structures such as honeycombs or in general methods which have more complicated 3D structures would be interesting
  • Good speakers and topics; good mixture of research and industrial topics/themes
  • Good combination of depth & breadth. Some topics not of interest to me, but probably of interest to others. Very worthwhile course
  • good talks over a wide range of topics; speakers are experts in their field


  • ​well-organized, good demonstrationed explanations
  • Workshop could be longer to have some more time for discussions
  • theory put into practice --> super!; problem upending the choice of the visit;
  • Good coverage of application of topics covered in course
  • interesting material analysis; nice discussions
  • ​well organized, good information transfer