8. Short Course 2016

Feedback to the Short Course

  • Very good diversity and detail levels in the courses.
  • Subject is widely explored and from both theory and practical point of view.
  • Gute Möglichkeit, sein Wissen zu vertiefen/zu erneuern, Kontakte zu knüpfen.
  • Overall very interesting and complete course, to be recommended.
  • Very good catering, fruits!
  • Kurs vermittelt tiefen Einblick, der wichtig für die eigene Arbeit ist.
  • Sehr wertvoll als Einstieg in die Details der Coating-Technologie mit hochkarätiger Besetzung.
  • World class conference

To the Workshop

  • Good opportunity to see the practice.
  • More time for discussion would be great.
  • Excellent demo experiments and well trained students.
  • Gut organisiert und motivierte Begleitung.
  • Großer Lerneffekt, Verteilung von Infomaterial zu jedem Experiment sehr gut!
  • Very good overview to techniques to get relevant information to pland and/or improve our coating process
  • Very impressive research group, did a great job of teaching experiments


Steven Abbot in his blog about the 7th Short Course 2015:
Hier geht es zum Flyer



Impressions from the Short Course.  Top right: Prof. H. Benkreira, bottom left: Prof. W. Schabel


Workshop in the Printing, Coating and Drying Lab of TFT.


Social Dinner at Besitos in Karlsruhe