Edwards Fellowship at University of Cambridge 2023

May-June  2023

Professor Wilhelm Schabel from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) visits University of Cambridge within his Edwards Fellowship.

Professor Schabel is invited to visit the University of Cambridge in May-June 2023 at the Institute for Energy and Environmental Flows (IEEF) for collaboration through his Edwards Fellowship, named after Cavendish Professor, Sir Sam Edwards.

Current interests of the IEEP include research on carbon storage, electrolytes and batteries, dispersions, surface coatings and more.

May  2023, Professor Wilhelm Schabel (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) from Germany and Professor Alexander Routh (University of Cambridge, UK) 


The category “Edwards Fellows” at University of Cambridge is reserved for highly distinguished soft matter scientists with major prize from one of the learned societies.


About IEEF: The mission of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Flows (IEEF) is to carry out fundamental scientific research addressing challenges related to the supply, storage and use of energy and the impact on the environment, using the principles of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and surface science.

The Institute uses a combination of experimental and theoretical modelling to address this broad class of technical challenges with a highly interdisciplinary research team spanning expertise in mathematics, physics, chemistry, earth science, chemical engineering and engineering.

Current interests include research on carbon storage; low energy building design; electrolytes and batteries; geothermal heat; deep ocean mixing; surface water and flooding; pollutant transport and dispersion; surface coatings; corrosion; and water management and treatment.

Post: 1. June 1, 2023 Prof. Wilhelm Schabel

Today it was one of the most exciting days of my Edwards Fellowship at the University of Cambridge. I had an invitation to lunch at the Trinity College with Michael Cates, the current Lucasian Professor and successor on the Sir Isaac Newton Chair.

By chance I took a picture with Mike Cates as he showed me around at Trinity and passed this Isaac Newton statue in the back of the college! See attached picture, great moment in this picture!

In the afternoon of 1st June I gave a 45 minute talk at the University of Cambridge, IEEF, introducing KIT, the TFT group and my research over the last 20 years, the title of my talk being: About Diffusion, Interdiffusion & Drying of Multilayer & Multimaterial Films

It was really a great pleasure, the response from Cambridge colleagues to our scientific work of the last years at KIT was amazing! I would like to thank you very much for this opportunity!

FormularbeginnStatue of Sir Isaac Newton (Trinity College, Univ. Cambridge)