Short Course on Coating and Drying of Thin Films 2021

This year's 5th Thin Film Technology Forum and 12th short course "Coating and Drying of Thin Films" took place virtually. Even virtually it was a great success with more than 60 participants from 10 different countries from all over the world listening to the presentations of numerous invited speakers and international expert from the industry and academia.

Flyer of the Short Course and the TFT-Forum


Impressions from the virtual venue


Impressions from the virtual workshop


Feedback from the 2021 participants:
  • "Thank you very much for all the wonderful presentations and thank you to all the speakers! Hope to see you soon. It was very very interesting!"
  • "Thank you for all this interesting and wonderful presentations."
  • "Thanks for the organization. We learnt many concepts and fundamentals and also new ideas for researching in thin film technology"
  • "Thank you for organizing this wonderful short course and forum! It was super interesting. :)"
  • "It was super interesting, many thanks"
  • "Thank you for very much organizing a very good short course and forum!"
  • "Thank you very much for organizing a very nice online event. Really enjoyed the depths of the presentations."
  • "Thank you all for the great talks. And special thanks to the TFT Team for the media setup. It worked perfectly fine!"
  • "Many thanks to everyone for this interesting week, I learned a lot!"
  • "Thank you all for the great talks"